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Mattotalo Helma

The operating idea is to offer a wide range of carpets that are most suitable for different uses. Carpets are delivered either with custom-made edging or as individual loose carpets of standard size. The offer is comprehensive. Helma Oy has special expertise in natural materials. They are durable, beautiful and ecological. The selection also includes high-quality artificial fiber carpets.

The stock program is extensive and delivery times are also fast for special-sized rugs. In our store, you can check out beautiful loose rugs or order the size you want according to your measurements.


  • 1921 - Bruno Kohls founds Mattotehta and starts weaving coconut carpets
  • 1969 - The operation expanded significantly, because the factory also started producing tufted carpets for hallways and carpets.
  • 1975 - Pekka Herlevi starts as CEO of Helsingin Mattotehta
  • 1984 - Helsingin Mattotehdas moves from Tapanila to Malmi.
  • 1993 - Mattotalo Helma is founded
  • 2015 - The online store opens
  • 2021 - Helma turns 100 years old

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