Privacy statement

Helma Oy's Privacy Statement

  1. Registrar:

    Helma Oy Social security number: 0925786-5
    Hietalahtenranta 5 C email:
    00120 Helsinki phone: 09 668 93 90
  2. Registry matters

    Helma Oy's customer service is available for registration matters on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm. You can contact customer service either by phone at 09 668 93 90 or by email at .

  3. Registry name

    Helma Oy's customer register

  4. Basis and purpose of the register

    The purpose of Helma Oy's customer register is to improve customer service. The register is kept for the management, management, maintenance and development of the customer relationship.
    Helma Oy can use the register for marketing between Helma Oy and the customer. The customer register is used, for example, for electronic marketing such as sending a newsletter and other announcements.

  5. Contents of the register

    Only essential information for managing the customer relationship is stored in the register. The register does not contain other personal information of customers.

    The register may contain the following information:
    • Name
    • telephone number
    • address
    • email address
    • marketing bans
    • Order history

  6. Information sources

    Our company's primary data sources are: data registered by the user himself and events related to the registered user's customership, use of services, communication and transactions.
    Our register consists of information that has been handed over by the customer either to our online store, to our email, in our store in person or in other similar customer contact such as at fairs and events.
    We collect information in our register only from persons who have given permission.

  7. Transfer and reception of information

    Customer data can be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, for example to the United States, in accordance with data protection legislation and within the limits set by it.

  8. Principles of registry protection

    The register is maintained as a technical record. The information system is protected, and the register is used only by persons whose job description includes its use.

  9. Data retention period
    Personal data is stored in Helma Oy's register until the customer himself requests the deletion of the data. Exceptions may, however, be, for example, a change of information system or an update of the register for another reason, in which case personal data can be deleted from the register.

  10. Registrant's rights and exercise of rights
    The data protection regulation of the European Union guarantees the right to be forgotten to the person entered in the register. This means that the data subject can demand the deletion of their data by notifying Helma Oy's customer service. The request must be in writing and signed.

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